Gaston Fébus


Gaston Fébus

Gaston III Febus was born in 1331 to the Moncade castle of Orthez.

Het follows to his father and takes the government of his inheritance to 14 years.

He observes an attitude of independence and neutrality. In 1362, he crushes with his army the one of the Armagnac Count. In 1367, he stands against " Dark Prince " .
In 1381, he gets settled to the castle of Pau and bring of it of improvements (dungeon, defensive walls...).

Gaston wrote beautiful letters. He dictates his Book of Hunting to the beautiful illuminatings. Fascinated of hunting, he liked to track the game with its greyhounds.

Gaston Febus dies in 1391 to in the evening of a hunting in the region of Sauveterre of Bearn.